Liis Uiboupin – The manager, Norwegian teacher and translator of Norra Keele Keskus:

“I was dreaming of teaching and translating Norwegian being my full-time job. To make that dream come true I founded Norra Keele Keskus in Tartu.”

To guarantee the quality of our services, we don`t moderate the work to other teachers and translators. All our services are offered by Liis Uiboupin who has long-time experience in teaching, translating and working with Norwegians. She has

  • master`s degree in Norwegian Language and Culture (cum laude) from University of Tartu, 2009;
  • completed a course in adult education in the course centre Reiting, 2017;
  • worked as a Norwegian teacher in language schools and companies (Studio Lingua, Tartu Keeltekool, ProNor Baltics, Engeros Otepää OÜ) since 2008. She has given ca 1500 Norwegian lessons.
  • worked as a translator since 2008 and was graded with A for her master`s thesis on translation of culture specific words;
  • worked as a project manager in Hydraco OÜ, where she took part in creating a popular Estonian language learning e-course “Keeleklikk”;
  • great experience in working with Norwegians, as she worked in the company Hydraco OÜ that was owned by Norwegians and was mainly focused on Norwegian market.