At Norra Keele Keskus (Norwegian Language Centre)  we are offering translation from Norwegian to Estonian and from Estonian or English to Norwegian.

Trondheim, Norra

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the length of the text (1800 characters with spaces are considered as 1 page for the price calculation). We can make You an offer, if You send us the text that is to be translated.  

From Norwegian to Estonian - 42 EUR/page
From Estonian to Norwegian - 44 EUR/page
From English to Norwegian - 46 EUR/page

No VAT is added to the prices.

If the text is much more complicated than average or if You need the translation very quickly, the price can be a bit higher. So ask for an offer, if You would like to know the exact price.

Oslo, Norra

How to order a translation?

To order a translation, send the text that needs translating to Kindly specify, when You need the translation to be ready. We'll send You a reply within one working day with a price offer and a possible deadline. We will start translating after receiving Your confirmation regarding the price and the deadline. We will consult You when translating when questions arise regarding the content or the terms used.

Before sending the text, think if You need the translation of the whole text or if You just need to find some information from the text. If that is the case, the smartest solution for You is to use our consultation services. You can find more information about our consultation services here.

5 reasons, why You should order a translation from Norra Keele Keskus:

  • Virmalised Norras
    All our translations are done by an experienced translator Liis Uiboupin who has also written her master`s thesis on translating culture-specific terms. You can read more about her experience here. It is not our aim to mediate translating services to different translators, but to offer our clients high quality services. If the translations are always done by the same translator, the terms used and the style are the same as well;
  • If You order a translation from Norra Keele Keskus, the translator will communicate directly with You and clarifies the terms if needed, to get the best possible result. Such direct communication between the translator and the client is usually not possible in translation agencies. As an expert in Norwegian culture, Liis is also qualified to advise you and help to make the text better, for example she might notice that the given marketing text probably wouldn`t work in Norwegian market;
  • Our clients can get all the services (language learning, translation, consultation) related to Norwegian from one expert;
  • We always stick to the deadlines and the order will be finished rather sooner than later;  
  • Norra Keele Keskus is not registered VAT payer, so no VAT is added to the prices.

Send the text that needs to be translated to us by email to request a translation offer.